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What is Offal’s & Giblets?
Offal’s are basically that meat which are not the part of skeletal carcass, the term offal’s means “Off Fall”, which means those parts of meat that falls during the butchering process of the animal. Offal’s which are obtained from the birds are termed as Giblets. Giblets include neck, liver, heat, gizzards, skin, heat, feet, wings and intestine.
The taste and the texture of the offal’s depends upon the type of the organ it is, age of the animal or the bird and what type of animal it is from, best offal’s comes from calf, lamb and chicken as they have very distinct flavor and are less coarse in texture. Offal’s have very less shelf like, so they should be used as soon as possible, offal’s are high in nutritional value, they are good source of protein.
There are two types of offal’s:- Glandular Offal’s and Muscle Offal’s or as per Larousse White Offal’s or Abat Blanc (French) and Red Offal’s or Abat Rouge (French)
A)     Glandular Offal’s
Internal body parts which are related to the animal glands, they don’t have any muscle tissue or fiber. These are tender and easy to cook, the meat is coarse and melts in mouth if cooked properly. Glandular meats have low shelf life hence it should be consumed within a day or two. Example of glandular meats are Liver, Kidney, Sweetbreads, Brain, marrow, etc.
B)     Muscle Offal’s
These are the external body parts which are attached to the carcass of the body but are not included in the major cuts of the animal or the birds. These are made from the same muscle tissue as the main body and are very tough, hence slow cooking should be used to avoid the toughness. These have better shelf life than glandular offal’s. Examples of muscle offal’s are Oxtail, Tongue, Tripe, Testicles, Ears, Head, etc.
Let us study all about offal’s in detail.
1)     Amourette
French term used for Marrowfrom the spine of animals which is part of the nervous system, especially from calf, cow, ox, bison.
2)     Animelles
French term for Testiclesof animals, even termed as Fries or Oysters, example Lamb’s Fry, Calf’s Fry, etc.
3)     Bath Chap
It is a particular cut from the cheeks of the pig, chap is a variation of “chop”. Used in smoked bacon and pork chops.
4)     Blood
Blood of the animal is used to make blood pudding, soup, etc. Sometimes blood is reduced to make pie.
5)     Brain
NO you are not zombie if you eat brain, so chill and enjoy this delicacy. Most delicate and finest in texture also the texture is very creamy.
6)     Caul
Internal folded membrane inside of pig’s intestine, packed with fat, gives a look of netted lace. It is used as a wrap, which helps to keep the food moist due to its fat content.
7)     Chitterlings
Also known as Chitlins, it is the large Intestine of Pig, it is used as the sausage skin but before making anything from chitterling it should be cleaned and washed properly.
8)     Cocks Comb
The flowery part above the head of birds like Rooster, Turkey, Quail, Pheasant, Grouse, etc. It is made of muscle and is used for making sauce, garnish.
9)     Ears
Ears of animals like Pig, calf and goat is preferred, the skin is gelatinous and the cartilage is crunchy when cooked. Should be cleaned properly before cooking. Oreilles is the French term for Ear
10)     Eyes
Eyes of certain birds and animal is eaten, eyes of fish is preferred among all, best is to fry and eat, popular in Russia and Arab.
11)     Feet
Gelatin content is rich in feet especially in young animals, used for making for stock and soup. Feet of Pig is known as Trotter.
12)     Foie Gras
It is French term for “Fatty Liver”. Liver of a goose and sometimes duck is termed as foie gras. Used in making pate.
13)    Gizzard
An organ found in stomach of any bird, animals is known as gizzard.
14)     Head
Heat of animals or birds is used as they cannot be included in the main carcass. Calf, Pig, Goat, Fish, Chicken are preferred. This include the face, cheek and forehead.
15)     Heart
Tough offal, full of fibers and veins, heart of beef, veal is preferred.
16)     Hogs Maw or Saw’s Maw
Stomach of pig is known as hog’s maw or Saw’s Maw
17)     Intestine
Intestine of animals especially pig’s is used as an outer covering of the sausage, also used in making silver foil. Sometimes id is chopped in roundels, deep fried and used as snacks.
18)     Kernels
Small kidney like gland, found inside of veal’s shoulder, it is beside the blade bone of shoulder and is covered in fat.
19)     Kidney
Finest of all kidney is obtained from goat, lamb, chicken and pig, it should be cleaned properly because it has strong smell and it is suggested to remove the inner fat wall before preparation.
20)     Liver
Finest of all the offal’s, delicious, smooth and buttery texture.
21)     Lungs
Mainly used sausage making, soft and spongy texture and have red color when raw. Also known as Lights
22)     Marrow (Bone Marrow)
Soft fillings of the bone, has muddy taste and texture, brown in color. Used in making of soup, also used as spread.
23)     Melt
Spleen of the animal is known as melt, not very popular, used in sausage making. Pig, Calf, veal if preferred. Beef spleen is known as Miltz
24)     Mesentery
Found inside the stomach of the animal, it is a membrane that joins the small intestine to the abdominal wall also acts as a supporting system.
25)     Ox
Name given to less preferred cuts of beef like oxtail, nothing to do with the animal “OX”
26)     Ox Palate
The roof of the cow’s mouth is termed as ox palate.
27)     Oxtail
Tails of beef is called oxtail, not included in main carcass. Tails of other animal is also termed under offal’s.
28)     Pluck
Another term for Offal’s.
29)     Skin
Animal skin is used as offal’s, fried pig skin is known as chicharrones. Not good in taste but very crispy and crunchy.
30)      Snout
Nose of the pig
31)     Sweetbreads
Thymus gland and Pancreas found only in young animals like calf, lamb, veal. Neck sweetbread is thymus gland and heart & belly sweetbread is pancreas.
32)     Tongue
Cured tongue is very popular calf, beef and pigs tongue is very popular.
33)     Tripe
Internal layer of animal stomach, the first layer which is smooth is called Blanket Tripe and the second layer which has appearance like honeycomb or net is called Honeycomb Tripe
34)     Udder
Mammary gland of female cattle.
35)     Vessie
Bladder of the animal is called vessie.


I am sure I have missed out few, please feel free to inform me. Happy Reading!!!


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